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An HSA (Private Health Services Plan) is a Canada Revenue Agency approved method to provide medical, dental and vision benefits in a tax efficient manner. A corporation can write off 100% of the costs related to its HSA. All expenses reimbursed are tax-free to the employees.

strategicHSA provides a broader range of items that a typical insurance plan won't cover. This includes items such as medicinal marijuana, braces, and laser eye surgery


A WSA is a taxable spending account provided by employers to promote healthier lifestyles and employee satisfaction. myWSAs are taxable so they are extremely flexible. The only governing body over eligible items in the program is the employer. A Wellness Spending Account will typically encompass what the company believes are items that reward and incentivize their staff.

There are many standard wellness items that include things like daycare costs, gym memberships, vitamins, and personal training. With this plan, you can be as creative as you want when building it.


strategicFlexplan allows an employee to select from the list of available options (provided by the employer) that best suits that employee based on their stage of life. The employee can allocate their funds based on what suits their needs.

The strategicFlexplan can include any or all of the following: strategicHSA, and strategicWSA. The employee can choose how to allocate their yearly amount between the accounts. Once the amount is allocated, the credits are locked in for the plan year and the allocation cannot be changed.

About us

A Lifetime of Family, Work, and Expertise in Employee Benefits

Born and raised in a small village northwest of Kingston, I have spent the majority of my life-time locally. I am a husband, father and grandfather and believe family should always come first. Finding the right balance between work and home has always been important to me, and ensuring everyone's needs can be satisfied has become a large part of my success. I enjoy spending time with my grandkids, fishing and collecting old bottles, and in the summer I can be found at our cabin, in The County, enjoying the great outdoors.

Since 1990 I have worked in many Employee Benefit positions including over 20 years with one of Canada's premiere providers of Group Insurance solutions. I hold a number of industry recognized certifications including GBA (Group Benefits Associate), CMS (Compensation Management Specialist) and HIA (Health Insurance Associate) certifications. I have worked long enough to know every client's needs are different! For those who are concerned about rising costs a traditional group plan may not meet their needs. This is when a health spending account solution can be a great alternative.

Richard Dobing

Founder & CEO