Custom Health & Wellness Spending Accounts

Take control of your company's health & wellness journey with our flexible and customizable plans. Reach out today for more about our services!

What we Offer

Flexible plans for all employee lifestyles!

Health Spending Accounts

Health Spending Account – a non-taxable alternative, or supplementation to a traditional benefits plan.


Wellness Accounts

Wellness Spending Account – a taxable account to promote healthier lifestyles and employee satisfaction.


Flex Accounts

Offer HSA and WSA items to your employees. Let them decide what matters most. Our most popular plan!


Types of companies we serve:

Individual Incorporated Business Owners

Small to Mid-Size Businesses (2-50 Employees)

Large Employers (50+ Employees)

About us

Specializing in employee benefit programs and tax-effective compensation strategies

We recognize your time is valuable and your employee benefits plan is key to achieving your business goals. As a full service brokerage we have access to a comprehensive range of employee benefit and insurance products; we are able to tailor a plan to meet your needs.

Richard Dobing

CEO and Founder


Take a look at the benefits of a flexible HSA plan:

The mystrategicHSA platform grants employers and HR professionals a one-stop platform, facilitating employee’s benefits and healthier lifestyles

100% Digital Platform

Never again deal with piles of paperwork with our fully digital platform.

Happy Employees

Attract and retain employees by giving them choice over their benefits.

Real-time Reporting

Taxable benefit claim reports available in real-time.

Fast Reimbursement

Eligible claims are processed and reimbursed in one to three business days.


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